Why FPS?

Since building the first structured Licence Checking service in 2002 with direct access to the DVLA, we have grown to become market specialists with service at the pinnacle of our ethos. Maintaining a customer retention of 96%, we have, and continue to deliver expert knowledge, commitment and pioneering technology giving absolute confidence to our client base.

We Adopt 5 Key Service Principles

  • Respond to queries as quick as possible.

  • Know your customers.

  • Fix the mistakes and create an action plan so they do not reoccur.

  • Go the extra mile.

  • A customer is for life. We believe if you look after your customers and adapt to their needs, they will stay with you.

Ensuring the value of our service stands out from the competition:

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You can look forward to:

  • A personalised service, supplying bespoke needs to accommodate the requirements of your fleet.

  • A minimised company risk when it comes to driver compliance.

  • Full access to our expertise and customer support services for 5 days of the week.

  • Sensitive data held on a secure, military grade server.

  • A unique and appealing pricing structure, to offer your business that added flexibility.

  • A self-service facility available 24/7 for Fleet Managers and other authorised users.

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Since incorporation, we have diversified our product range to accommodate Grey Fleet Management, Fleet Management Software (FLASH) and have developed strong relationships with our Partners that can accommodate the products we do not offer, allowing you to centralise all of your fleet needs through one supplier.


  • One stop shop for all of your fleet requirements.

  • Noticeable savings for your business.

  • Salient relief on admin.

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