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Grey Fleet Management

Grey fleet drivers are employees that drive their own cars for business. Having grey fleet drivers can be more beneficial for businesses that do not travel high business mileage. However, grey fleet drivers can sometimes be hard to manage in respect of mileage, MOT, tax, business and general vehicle maintenance.

Time and resource is needed to manage any organisation’s ‘grey fleet’, but too often, it falls between HR and fleet departments with neither understanding it properly nor wanting to take responsibility. If the correct policies are not implemented, drivers will not be managed properly and will leave a fleet with a higher road risk profile.

A study commissioned by Driving for Better Business (DfBB) found:

  • Managers were not performing checks on grey fleet drivers and 60% of respondents said they were unsure if any or how many employees use their own car to drive for work purposes.

  • Nearly a half of employees who use their personal car for work purposes (45%) said they have not been given a copy of their employer’s driving for work policy.

  • 90% of drivers used their personal car for work journeys, of which, 75% did so at least one a week, yet 33% of these drivers were not insured to do so, admitting they did not have cover for business.

  • Only a third (34%) said their employer had checked their driving licence.

“Leaders must implement a driving for work policy that enforces legal and ethical obligations on all employees that drive on work-related journeys.”

Understanding Grey Fleet


FleetPS offer a fully integrated Grey Fleet Management solution that eliminates the long list of inconveniences that managing grey fleet internally produces. Our pioneering software systems can issue, chase and authorise compliance with minimal human interference. The best part? It can all be done electronically. Providing the driver has an email address, a declaration can be completed online with a copy of their Insurance Certificate. Don’t own an email address? Issues with people completing the relevant documentation? Your dedicated account manager and our renowned service team have it covered.


  • Peace of mind you are complying with duty of care regulations.

  • Could help reduce your corporate insurance costs.

  • You outsource driver management, reducing risk, admin costs and stress. Just leave all the heavy lifting to us.

  • Ability to issue driver declaration requests with use of a mobile number. Perfect for organisations with road operatives or employees who do not own a work email. 

  • Provides a clear audit trail with 24/7 self-service facility.

  • Bespoke adjustments discussed upon registration to tailor the most suited solutions so you get the best out of the service, with maximised results.

  • You can take advantage of our advanced chasing systems, so you have less to worry about.


  • 91% overall vehicle documents returned for greyfleet drivers. The other 9% are within the escalation process.

  • From the manual process to the electronic process, including vehicle documentation, we saw an average of 42% increase in returned declarations within the first month.

  • Improvements to the electronic chasing and looping process haS seen a further 83% increase in documentation received within the first 2 months of issue, from the original 42% since introducing the system.